Should You Only Rely On TF Metrics When Buying an Expired Domain?


Hey Guys.

It’s been such a long time since I posted anything here. Been a bit busy. I am planning to post more here from now on.

Getting back to the main topic. I recently found this (controversial) topic on expired domain metrics. Specifically what metrics should you rely on to determine the quality of a domain.

Several years ago most would say PR (page rank), but as a lot of you already know this is not a reliable metric any longer, especially since Google no longer updates it.

Others would say its DA and PA, but I would not advise in ONLY using this metric to determine the quality of a domain. Which brings us to the latest metric (probably most of you are now using), which is Majestic’s Trust Flow Metric otherwise know as TF for short. Here is a very interesting video from Charles Floate that will surely bring some controversy to those who solely rely on using TF for buying their domains.

From Charles:

A very relevant video for you guys looking to buy PBN & SEO Domains –
Why you shouldn’t use Majestic as the be all and end all metric when buying & scraping domains.



My own personal thoughts on TF?  Like any tool, its how you use it. What I mean is, use it as a part of your other tools to validate your OWN findings, and not SOLELY use it to determine the quality of any given domain. Just like the other metrics before it (PR, DA, PA), use it to further filter out low-quality domains but remember that even low metrics (on the surface) will sometimes show to have hidden quality backlinks, it just takes a bit digging to find them. So to sum it all up, don’t disregard low TF metrics, as you could potentially miss out on some quality domains!

Hope you like this post, and please do post your thoughts below.

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